Fiscal representation

Is your company based outside the Netherlands but would you like to import goods? As a restricted or general fiscal representative, we are able to reverse charge the VAT on import and deal with your VAT administration for you. Besides saving you a lot of hassle, this also saves liquid assets.

Carefree VAT administration

We have the permits that are required to act as a fiscal representative for your company. If necessary, we will apply for a VAT number for you and deal with the VAT administration.

Fiscal representation

We are registered as fiscal representative with limited license with the Dutch tax authorities and can, depending on the activities, also act as your general fiscal representative.

Reverse charging the VAT on import through the VAT declaration means that as a foreign company, VAT on import is not chargeable. So in addition to convenience, this solution also offers a financing advantage.

Would you like Otentic Customs to be your fiscal representative in the Netherlands, or would you like to know more about this topic? Do not hesitate to contact us free of obligation. We are happy to help.

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Kim Wijdeven | Financial Controller